About Us

Upon its initiation in 2017, the Student Success Coach Office inducted its first class of Scarlet Scholars and has since been supporting them in establishing and achieving their educational goals as they progress toward graduation. In providing professional, personalized, and holistic coaching services to incoming students at Rutgers-Camden, data shows that students who participate in coaching are more informed about critical and timely information, better connected to campus resources, and more likely to return to school in the following semester than those who do not participate. Currently, the Student Success Coach Office provides services to first-year students who are not already affiliated with EOF, TRiO, the Honors College, the Leadership Institute, or International Student Services. For student inquiries, coach requests, or referrals, please e-mail us at successcoach@camden.rutgers.edu.

What is success coaching?

Success coaching is an impactful relationship that is developed to help you, the student, become more accomplished. In a collaborative effort, students define realistic goals, and their success coaches assist in creating action plans that allow students to build upon their skills and feel empowered to make important decisions. Coaches ensure that students are well-connected to resources so that they are continuously taking strides toward meeting their objectives and will monitor and assess students’ progress to identify successes or help to overcome any setbacks.

Coaches are not academic advisors, tutors, or clinicians, but rather experienced and reliable personal mentors who will support, encourage, and empower you to reach important milestones, while holding you accountable along the way. We understand that our students have roles and responsibilities outside the realm of academia, so we take on a holistic perspective when offering personalized services aimed to help in every aspect of your life. For added convenience, our success coaches are available to meet with students by phone, text, e-mail, video chat, and in-person.


When should I meet with my success coach?

Success coaching is NOT just for students who are struggling. Students often think that they only need to visit their success coach if they're falling behind or failing, but that's not true! In fact, we encourage students to make an initial appointment with their coach at the start of each semester, to ensure that they are on the right track from the very beginning. Even when students are making their own successes, coaches can often provide exposure to new opportunities to help expand your achievements, and challenge you in different ways to unlock your full potential. After the first appointment, you and your coach can determine the frequency of your following interactions based on your personal needs. With each session, you’ll work together to ensure that you’re meeting important milestones that are proven to contribute toward your success.

Students can meet with their success coach individually to discuss school and life balance, aspirations, challenges, successes, and decision-making for action plans moving forward. Additionally, group sessions and activities will provide students with the opportunity to develop positive connections with peers who share common interests.


Why should I meet with my success coach?

Our success coaches work with students much like an athletic coach or trainer assesses an athlete and develops a training program. They help to identify strengths and areas of improvement and then individualize an appropriate plan that works for YOU. While many people pay for life coaches and professional advisement, you have the opportunity to take advantage of these services at no cost to you! Our findings show that students who participate in coaching typically have an easier adjustment to college, reach their goals faster, and have higher grade point averages than those who do not. If you’re a student who values the importance of any of the following, you are encouraged to make appointments with your coach on a regular basis:

  •  Obtaining or maintaining your financial aid and scholarship funding
  •  Establishing/improving your GPA
  •  Successfully completing at least 30 credits each academic year
  •  Increasing time management and organizational skills
  •  Challenging yourself in new ways
  •  Becoming an active learner both in and out of the classroom
  •  Getting involved and making an impact on the campus community
  •  Establishing, achieving, and creating new personal, academic, and professional goals
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