Scarlet Scholar Services

Are you feeling lost or stuck? Are you having difficulty reaching your goals? Maybe you’re unsure about where to start when it comes to setting yourself up for personal and academic success. Perhaps you've already mastered the basics and you’re ready to take on some new challenges. Our skilled coaches are dedicated to working with you not only to identify your goals, but discover effective strategies to avoid common obstacles and maximize your full potential as a student at Rutgers-Camden. The Student Success Coach Office works hard to provide each student with a helping relationship that is unique to them through:
  • Individual and group coaching sessions (in-person, phone, video-conference)
    • Goal setting to plan for a fulfilling and successful life at college and beyond
    • Mentoring to motivate, educate, and empower students
    • Exploration of personal interests, potential majors, and career paths
    • Support in transitioning to college and campus
    • Academic progress monitoring
    • Assistance with course-related concerns, including navigating technology and effective communication with professors
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Academic & skill-building workshops
    • Goal Setting
    • Time Management & Organization
    • Study Strategies
    • Networking
    • Stress Management
    • Financial Literacy
    • Personal and professional development
    • Leadership Development
    • Life Skills
  • Efforts to increase awareness of personal interests and abilities
  • Student advocacy and resource referral
    • Help students find their niche on campus
    • Connections to necessary support services
    • Guidance with alternative options when things don’t go as planned

Student Benefits:

  • One-on-one academic, career, and personal mentorship
  • Guided connections to on-campus supports, current students, and alumni
  • Campus and community engagement opportunities
  • Academic and life skills attainment
  • Personal and professional development
  • Guidance in problem solving & critical thinking
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