RU ready for final exams? Check out this issue for critical learning resources, important dates, and a reminder about maintaining academic integrity during this time of virtual learning! We're also collecting names of some outstanding professors. If you have a faculty member that you'd like to acknowledge for their support or care for students, let us know!

Welcome back for the start of a new semester! This latest edition of the Scarlet Scholar Times includes timely information about filing your FAFSA, saving money on your term bill, a refresher on available campus resources, and details about our upcoming shopping event for FREE professional clothing!

Here we are, with one month left of the fall semester. This is the homestrech, but you've got to finish STRONG! This issue of the Scarlet Scholar Times has info on class schedule changes, tips for making to most of your break, prepping for finals, and MORE!

One month of the semester down, 3 more to go! By now, you've probably started to notice some of the drastic differences between high school and college and you may be finding it difficult to adjust. We've got some tips to help keep you on track, along with information about campus resources that are available to help support a variety of your needs. Check out this issue for the "academic tip of the month" (you don't want to miss out on this one), dates for spring course registration, and a description of upcoming progress reports.

We're getting ready for the start of another semester and looking forward to meeting our new students! Check out this issue for information regarding the new dining services, Welcome Week activities, term bill information and, where to look for on-campus JOB$! Don't forget about the important upcoming dates and deadlines.

We're only halfway through summer break, but already thinking about how we can help our students can get a head start on some upcoming tasks. Do you need some tips for finishing strong in your summer class? What about updating your resume for potential internships and employment next year? And don't forget about submitting those final documents for financial aid! We've got info on all of that and MORE!

The last 6 weeks of classes is going to feel like it's flying by! Luckily, our latest newsletter contains some great information on ways to make the most of your time remaining this semester. Read inside for more details on fall registration, finals preparation, stress management, and the last few Scarlet Scholar events that we have on the calendar!

The first issue of our spring newsletter includes scholarship information, important dates from the academic calendar, helpful resources for those affected by the government shutdown, and more. Remember to schedule your success coach appointments early and often!

This edition of our newsletter will offer some helpful tips just in time for finals, provide reminders of upcoming tasks (including FAFSA and spring registration!), and of course, resources to keep you strong academically, mentally, and physically as we get ready to finish out the school year!

The first issue of the new academic year includes tons of information, inlcuding: FAFSA details, mid-semester progress reports, preparing for midterms, spring course registration, and more!